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Empowering families to grow together.

Welcome to Acorn Family Guidance Center.

Dr. Erin Rossello (PSY29018) and Dr. Carin Laue (PSY28903), Licensed Clinical Child Psychologists, founded Acorn Family Guidance Center to assist children and families with overcoming obstacles to achieve positive growth. 

Have you ever wished you had a safe, compassionate, and knowledgeable partner to support you with the many challenges of parenting? We understand how hard it can be to navigate the numerous stages of a child’s emotional, physical, and academic growth and development.  We are committed to working with you and your child to surpass challenges, achieve your goals, and empower you to grow together.

Have you noticed your child or teen looking stressed, sad, anxious or frustrated?  Are you concerned that their behaviors or life events are interfering with their relationships, academics, or self-esteem? We offer you and your child a safe, therapeutic space to understand and overcome these difficulties.

The first step to achieving a healthy and happy family is taking action.  The secret to success is getting started today.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Dr. Erin Rossello and Dr. Carin Laue

Dr. Erin Rossello and Dr. Carin Laue



12777 West Jefferson Boulevard
Building D, Suite 300
Playa Vista, CA 90066

(424) 289-2725


Areas of Practice


We provide a comprehensive evaluation of your child and/or family, with thoughtful and comprehensive treatment plan recommendations.


Parent-Child Interaction Therapy 

Parent-child interaction therapy (PCIT) is an evidence-based, research-supported treatment for young children with emotional and behavioral difficulties. 


PARENT Coaching

We will assist you with identifying parenting strategies that improve communication, prevent meltdowns and problem behaviors, implement routines to promote predictability and structure, encourage trust and security, set effective limits, and develop problem solving skills between you and your child or teen.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy for pre-teens, teens, and young adults can be tremendously beneficial in assisting them with understanding themselves, overcoming their challenges, and achieving success. 

Family Therapy

 In family therapy, we help you find solutions to conflicts, communicate effectively, and strengthen your bonds.  Allow us to help you work through the important issues impacting your family.

WorkShops & Training

Professional seminars and workshops are available upon request. Topics include: Parenting with a Plan – Five steps to helping your child's growth, Successful Parent Meetings – Tips for talking to caregivers about their children’s growth, Detection & Intervention – Early warning signs, Managing Technology in Families, and more. For a complete list of workshops and training topics, please contact us.

Play therApy

In play therapy, we utilize play to join with your child to discover what they are curious about, how they relate to others, and how they problem-solve.


Group Therapy

At Acorn Family Guidance Center we believe that our peers can often be our best guides.  In group therapy, you or your child will have the opportunity to learn and practice new skills, gain support, and improve self-awareness.




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